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Best 2016.3 WIFI ICOM A2+B+C Diagnostic & Programming Tool for BMW with 500G Expert mode Software HDD Multi-language support WIN8

Best 2016.3 WIFI ICOM A2+B+C Diagnostic & Programming Tool for BMW with 500G Expert mode Software HDD Multi-language support WIN8

€440.00€479.99 US$484.00US$527.99 £387.20£422.39 AU$690.80AU$753.58
  by   Jan 23, 2017
can im use this on 2015 modell bmw f11?
Reply #1 by Eason   Feb 5, 2017
Yes, it can support.
  by Brunet   Apr 28, 2016
Nice device for the price
gives more convenience to my work.
Reply #1 by Lily   Apr 28, 2016
thank you for your feedback.
have a nice day.
if there are any needs in the future,feel free to contact us.
best wishes
  by Merc scn   Dec 17, 2015
hello, i need full french software, i mean for operation system ista p, ista d, and so on. all should display with french, can you customize this for me? i can pay if there is any other fees.
Reply #1 by Ada   Dec 17, 2015
Hello Merc,
Yes. We can customized this for you. Please choose SP168-FR when you place the order. This is the french language version.
Best regards
  by mohamed elkasaby   Dec 13, 2015
we looking for some tools for BMW
we ASK for example can we used USED ECU TO another car like f service and e service
and how , and what tools to use it ?
Reply #1 by Ada   Dec 13, 2015
Hello Mohamed,
If you want to change used ECU to another car, then we do not have this tool. If you use new ECU, then you can choose tool like KTM100, K-TAG KESS V2. These tool can read the data from old ECU and write data to your new ECU.
Best regards
  by Maciej U   Nov 30, 2015
can i change the language for HHT?
Reply #1 by Ada   Nov 30, 2015
Hello Maciej,
Sorry to tell you HHT language cannot be switched. 
Best regards
  by Mr.Grzegorz Pawlak   Oct 18, 2015
Hello please I lake bay diagnostic for Bmw
With full package , polish language with option for update , please help me I have laptop x201
This laptop is ok ?
Reply #1 by Ada   Oct 18, 2015
Hello Grzegorz,
We have many BMW ICOM. 

If you want to update online, then choose this one:
Only super ICOM software support online update. It has polish language.
This hdd can be used on X201. Make sure your configuration is not very low.
Best regards
  by stefan   Aug 3, 2015
good performance on my Mini Countryman CooperS M.Y. 11/2011. read and clear fault code without any problem
Reply #1 by Ada   Aug 3, 2015
Hello Stefan,
Happy to hear you can use it test your car. Any needs, please contact us.
Best regards
  by chris martinez   Jun 29, 2015
i have original ISPI software, can i use my software to update your wifi icom bmw? your icom comes with heatsink or not?
Reply #1 by Ada   Jun 29, 2015
Hello Chris,
1) You can use your software to update this WIFI our bmw icom.
2) Our BMW ICOM has the same appearance as original, it is made by metal, its metal cover is used to radiating same function as heatsink.
Best regards
  by stefan briege   Jun 22, 2015
bmw icom has good key programming function? do you have good tool to advice for BMW CAS2/3/4 all key lost, i need machine easy to add new key
Reply #1 by Ada   Jun 22, 2015
Hello Stefan,
BMW ICOM does not support key programming function, it cannot add new key. If you need to program cas2-4, choose this one: you need to know how to use it. CAS4 key programming not very easy.
Best regards
  by Benjamin Graf   Jun 22, 2015
may i use this icom test bmw made in 2015 via wifi?
Reply #1 by Ada   Jun 22, 2015
Hello Benjamin,
Yes. This one can work on some BMW vehicles made in 2015.
Best regards
  by Michael Weirauch   Dec 30, 2014
for connect car 20pin, what cable use?
this photo dont have 20pin cable
for use it i need connect to yellow arrow cable ou green?
what difference in yellow arrow cable and green??? all is OBD right?
Reply #1 by Ada   Dec 30, 2014
Hello Michael,
If your car is 20pin, use 16pin connect with ICOM A2 main unit first, then use OBD 16 pin cable connect with 20pin cable, then use 20 pin cable connect your car, shown on the yellow errow. So the order is car-20pin cable- obd 16pin cable- ICOM A2 host.
Best regards
  by Frank Piorreck   Nov 10, 2014
Guten Tag sehr geehrte Damen und Herren,

Heute habe ich die Bestellte Ware erhalten.
Könne Sie mir Mitteilen welches Password Sie verwendet haben?? Damit ich den PC starten kann
Reply #1 by Ada   Nov 10, 2014
Hello Frank,
Hallo, erste Passwort "BMW", das nächste Passwort ignorieren es einfach.
Bitte verwenden Sie es zu Recht. Den Aufbau der hdd nicht ändern, nicht auf dieser Festplatte installieren andere Software.
Best regards
  by jeandenand   Oct 8, 2014
with software in the parcel, function just like the page states, no any problem for now, will test more cars in the coming days, will let you know the result
Reply #1 by Ada   Oct 8, 2014
Hell Jeandenand,
Happy to hear you get it, any needs, please contact us.
Best regards
  by Mr.Nicola Scapin   Aug 23, 2014
When a new releasa wersion is coming out , how can i do to buy it.
Thank you Nicola
Reply #1 by Ada   Aug 24, 2014
Hello Nicola,
Thank you for your interesting. About every month, we will release new software for BMW ICOM. You can directly buy the NEW VERSION hdd if you need. We sell the HDD alone.  Such as this is the software link for 2014.7:
Best regards
  by Laynaoui Mohamed   Aug 11, 2014
Et comment faut-il faire pour faire fonctionner en français ?
Reply #1 by Ada   Aug 11, 2014
Hello Laynaoui,
J'ai ajouter la langue la modification des informations de la page, s'il vous plaît voir: http: //
Best regards
  by rose morettin   Aug 11, 2014

J'ai acheté chez vous un appareil diagnostic bmw avec pc dell.
Je ne peux le démarrer car je n'ai pas de mot de passe pour déverrouiller la page d'accueil ???

pouvez-vous me donner le mot de passe? Merci d'avance
Reply #1 by Ada   Aug 11, 2014
Hello Rose,
pour entrer le mot de passe. Premier mot de passe est "BMW", simplement ignorer second mot de passe, ne remplissez rien
Best regards
  by rasaki ashiru   Jul 7, 2014
hi i received everything thank you
but when i instal HD in laptop it aske me for passeword ? can you give me passeword please
Reply #1 by Ada   Jul 7, 2014
Hello Rasaki,
First password is "BMW", second password just ignore it, do not need to fill anything.
Best regards
  by Hanchi   Jun 17, 2014
does it only work on Lenovo or Dell,or any other different laptops and computers like ASUS.etc
Reply #1 by libin   Jun 17, 2014
Hi,dear.happy to tell you that now is unlimit the brands,It is availbable for almost 95% laptops that with Intel I3 / I5/ I7 series CPU and at least 4GB memory card.

  by jose luis alvarez gomez   Jun 12, 2014
i needs bmw icom full set, sd c4 full set and one t410 laptop, my question is, can you make the c4 and icom software in the same hdd? if not, can i use the two software on the same laptop?any advice?
Reply #1 by Ada   Jun 12, 2014
Hello Jose,
STAR C4 and bmw icom software are very large, we cannot make them on the same hdd, they will have influence for each other. If you want T410 laptop, you can choose external hdd for star c4, then choose this set bmw icom. We can install the two software on the same laptop. When you use star c4, change C4 HDD to your laptop. When you use bmw icom, then insert bmw icom hdd to your laptop.
Best regards
  by Mr.Mario Moreno   May 27, 2014
what is the difference for your wifi icom and the cheaper one sold by aliexpress or other website?if i buy laptop, do you have better price?
Reply #1 by Ada   May 27, 2014
Hello Mario,
1) They are made by different factory, have different quality
2) Our WIFI version has Router, while others do not have
3) Our wifi version sold together with the latest 2014.5 software hdd.
If you want to buy laptop with icom wifi, you can choose this package offer:
Best regards