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ICOM A2+B+C Diagnostic & Programming Tool for BMW without Software

ICOM A2+B+C Diagnostic & Programming Tool for BMW without Software

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  by Mr.saban   Dec 20, 2016
is this icom updateable?
Reply #1 by Eason   Dec 20, 2016
Yes, it can support update.

  by Benson   Nov 23, 2016
hello, this device can work well my bmw F20 .F25. F30
Big recommed!
Reply #1 by Su jinyu   Nov 23, 2016
Hi,Dear Benson
Thanks for your support on our website.

Any questions,feel free to contact us.
Best Regards
  by Mr.bob matty   Mar 12, 2016
Danke hat super geklappt.
Reply #1 by Lai libin   Mar 29, 2016
Hallo Bob,

Gern geschehen. Jede Hilfe, zögern Sie bitte nicht uns zu kontaktieren.

  by Mr.Martin   Jan 18, 2016

is it possible to update the firmware of SP168-C and SP168-D so that I can use these two items to program BMW-vehicles up to model year 2015/2016 ?
Reply #1 by Ada   Jan 19, 2016
Hello Martin,
Yes. You can update the firmware to latest version by following our instruction. Now latest software for icom is 2015.12, super icom version. So i am afraid it cannot work on 2016 vehicles for now. You can wait for the software for 2016. then can work on 2016 cars.
Best regards
  by Bentley Michael   Aug 11, 2015
Will it diagnose e39 rear levelling suspension
Reply #1 by Ada   Aug 11, 2015
Hello Bentley,
It is on the supported list. You can use bmw icom to work on your car.
Best regards
  by francois monti   Aug 12, 2014
do you have a tool support data logging and monitoring engine knock function for bmw?
Reply #1 by Ada   Aug 12, 2014
Hello Francois,
Sorry to tell you that bmw icom does not have this two function, and we do not have good tool to meet your needs.
Best regards
  by john   Aug 7, 2014
same function as the other new designed icom bmw a2??
Reply #1 by Ada   Aug 7, 2014
Hello John,
Yes. It has the same function as others.
Best regards