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Perfect Verison High quality V2017.12 ICOM A2+B+C Diagnostic & Programming Tool for BMW with Software HDD

Perfect Verison High quality V2017.12 ICOM A2+B+C Diagnostic & Programming Tool for BMW with Software HDD

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  by Piet   Aug 4, 2016
the way what's the password to start the pc / System ?
Reply #1 by Eason   Aug 4, 2016
Password 1: BMW
Password 2: just leave it blank
Any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Best Regards
  by Stjepan Skrbin   Dec 13, 2015
i want to know, can i buy this perfect hardware with super icom hdd? the one can update online??
what is the total cost?
your super icom hdd space is not enough for me, can you customize larger size? like 256G? or 300G SSD? Since future update need more space....
Reply #1 by Ada   Dec 13, 2015
Hello Stjepan,
Yes. We can customize the SSD for you. We can sell perfect hardware icom with super icom 256G SSD for you. Is one is enough for you? Please tell me your address information so that i can calculate the total cost for you.
Best regards
  by Rastislav Vislocky   Jun 14, 2015
I got the package thank
Reply #1 by Ada   Jun 14, 2015
Hello Rastislav,
Happy to hear you get the parcel. Test it and contact me if you have problem.
Best regards
  by Mr.JOSE SOLIS   Jun 12, 2015
HELLO, I used the program for two days and now I CAN NOT TURN MY COMPUTER.
STATUS: 0xc0000001

Reply #1 by Ada   Jun 15, 2015
Hello Jose,
1) Please give me your order number.
2) Do you install other software on this hdd or use anti-virus software on your PC? Because this error prompt is your software is destroyed by unkonwn reason.
3) Please send it back to us, we will install the new software on your HDD and send it back to you.
Best regards
  by Willem Donker   Feb 9, 2015
Reply #1 by Ada   Feb 9, 2015
Hello Willem,
Yes. It can program that, but you need have the skill to know how to program that.
Best regards
  by Garbsen   Feb 8, 2015
bmw icom and your new released sp222 easycoding, which one is better for rolls royce??
Reply #1 by Ada   Feb 8, 2015
Hello Garbsen,
BMW ICOM is better. BMW ICOM including the function for SP222.
Best regards
  by George Georgiou   Jan 21, 2015
Hello, I bought a easydiag scanner a moment ago, you can still add this one and send along with my order icom bmw???
Reply #1 by Ada   Jan 21, 2015
Hello George,
No problem, i will add this one to your bmw icom scanner and send them to you by one parcel by DHL.
Best regards
  by Mr.safdar   Dec 21, 2014
hi,i like to buy this tool please tell how much is shipping to uk thanks
Reply #1 by Ada   Dec 21, 2014
Hello Safdar,
Thank you for your interesting. Shipping cost is 47.85EUR.
Best regards
  by stefan gemeiner   Dec 21, 2014
Hello there,

i have a question regarding your perfect icom for bmw.
Which laptop should i buy to work best with your bundle?
Are there any specifications recommended?

Thank you,
Reply #1 by Ada   Dec 21, 2014
Hello Stefan,
Better has higher configuration. Such as 4G or above RAM. The Software install very easy, compatible with D630, D620, E6420, E6400 E49, E420, E430, G570, X201, X200, X201T, T60, T61, T400, X61T, X60, X60 computers. No time limiation for use. Once insert hard disk into your computer can automatically install.
Best regards
  by ilia khmelnitsky   Nov 16, 2014
can i use bmw icom online programming function work on bmw f12 m6 vmax cancel?
Reply #1 by Ada   Nov 16, 2014
Hello Ilia,
Sorry to tell you that our bmw icom is stand-alone version, it cannot connect with internet and online.
Best regards
  by Mohammed Fadhil   May 4, 2014
your software is the expert mod???
Reply #1 by Ada   May 4, 2014
Hello Mohammed,
Yes. Our software is the expert mod. On our description, it is the engineer version.
Best regards
  by charbel abdallah   Mar 7, 2014
today we have received the bmw icom, very fast, thanks. i do not find the dongle in the parcel, i check the package list and product photo on your site, after i change the software hdd to my dell laptop, i can open it, and see it ask password me, seems everyting is in good condition, so ??? another question is that software is the engineer version?
Reply #1 by Ada   Mar 7, 2014
Hello Charbel,
Our software is encrypted and do not have dongle. You can directly install it on your laptop and use. Our software is the engineer version software, it has ESYS software and is different with other bmw icom software in the market. First password is "BMW", second password just ignore it.
Best regards
  by Mr.philip collins essien   Jan 8, 2014
i fill the two password as you told me, first "BMW" and second nothing just ignore it, now software running smoothly, i like it, thank you
Reply #1 by Ada   Jan 8, 2014
Hello Philip,
Good news. Happy to hear that. Any needs in future, please contact us.
Best regards
  by Mr.olkiewicz   Oct 7, 2013
first this one has software, right? 2013.8 version?
second, i see the specification, what is the meaning of the language shown? SS97-8EN english, chinese germany, SS97-8JK Japanese and Korean, does it mean it only has these language to choose for software?
Reply #1 by Ada   Oct 7, 2013
Hello Olkiewicz,
Yes. This one includes the 2013.8 software HDD.
It is the language of Circuit diagram, for ISIS and ISID, they are multi-language.
Best regards
  by Frank Gricus   Sep 19, 2013
i know bmw icom can program the control unit, i want to confirm with you now this perfect version bmw icom support key programming or not?
Reply #1 by Ada   Sep 19, 2013
Hello Frank,
Sorry to tell you that this bmw icom can not be used to program keys.
Best regards
  by luis silva   Sep 15, 2013
your bmw icom can be used on diagnose motocycle? or just cars?
Reply #1 by Ada   Sep 15, 2013
Hello Luis,
This bmw icom can be used directly to diagnose cars. If you want to diagnose motocycle, you need have D module. There is not D module in the package, If you have D module by yourself, then you can use our bmw icom to test on your car.
Best regards
  by william   Sep 3, 2013
bmw icom only has English German and Chinese Japanese and Korean? i see there is the language option to choose on the page, what about other languages?
Reply #1 by Ada   Sep 3, 2013
Hello William,
No. For bmw icom software, ISIS and ISID are both Multi-languages. Includes most main languages of the world. For Circuit diagram, this 2013.8 software has two version to choose, one version is English German and Chinese, the other version is Japanese and Korean. When you place the order, you can choose them based on your needs.
Best regards
  by robert lines   Sep 3, 2013
this is the update version of sp168? both hardware and software? or any difference in the function?
Reply #1 by Ada   Sep 3, 2013
Hello Robert,
For SP168, it is only hardware, does not have software, this SP168-BO perfect version package includes latest 2013.8 software. SP168 can use this software too. This perfect is more steady, software running speed is faster. Most function for the two are the same.
Best regards