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Original WiFi AUTEL MaxiSYS MS908P MS908Pro Diagnostic System Support J2534 ECU Programming

Original WiFi AUTEL MaxiSYS MS908P MS908Pro Diagnostic System Support J2534 ECU Programming

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  by Mr.tekn95   Jan 7, 2019
Hello, how to have happened in french thanks
Reply #1 by Eason   Jan 8, 2019
About this device, it can only support English language now.  thank you!

  by Mr.Justinas Kucinskas   Nov 18, 2018
Hello, or with this "ms908p" I can "updating of control module"? For exemple Motor Electronics (ME) CDID3 engine "OM651" Because when I want to do this, him in the middle programming comme ,"feil with server, please tray again after 24h"

My car is MB W204, 2012y. OM651 engine (120hp)
Reply #1 by Eason   Nov 21, 2018
Do you have an online account for this website?
You need have account for this website, so that you can do.

thank you!
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  by Mr.carlos   Mar 25, 2018
hola, una vez acabada la suscripcion del año, ¿se puede seguir programando?, ¿que precio tiene las actualizaciones?
Reply #1 by Eason   Mar 25, 2018
For this product, free update on official website for 2 year in English Version(One year for other version). After, the update fee is 1200USD/year, if you do not want to update, you can use all the function like usual.
Para este producto, actualización gratuita en el sitio web oficial durante 2 años en la versión en inglés (un año para la otra versión). Después, la tarifa de actualización es de 1200 USD / año, si no desea actualizar, puede usar todas las funciones como de costumbre.

  by jon Smith   Aug 25, 2016
Does it need activate or download somewhere?
Reply #1 by Eason   Aug 25, 2016
it no need activate,You can use it directly.
Any questions,please feel free to contact us.
Best Regards
  by Mr.Curtis Greenaway   Mar 31, 2016
Good morning sir&madam .
How are you?
I'm asking about Arabic can you added
Thank you
  by Mr.ALMOUSHEER EDRES   Mar 26, 2016
Good morning sir&madam .
How are you?
I'm asking about Arabic can you added
Thank you
Reply #1 by Lai libin   Mar 28, 2016
Hello Almousheer,

Good morning. We are find, hope you are well tp.

Sorry to tell you that we have English only now. Any further question, pls do no theistate to contact us.

B.R Lai
  by Lee   Nov 29, 2015
ms908p maxisys comes with ecu programming adapter, does it mean i can use it program the ecu just like kess or k-tag shown on your site
Reply #1 by Ada   Nov 29, 2015
Hello Lee,
Thank you for your interesting. 
MAXISYS MS908P has ECU programmer adapter, but working method is different as ECU programmer like K-TAG OR KESS. For K-TAG and KESS, you can use them to read the data from your old ECU then write it to your new one. Only for old ECU which can work normally. For MAXISYS MS908P. If your old ECU is totally does not work or you do not have old ECU, you can directly use MS908P to program the new blank ECU to fit your car. Or when you change ECU or your ECU does not fit your car. You need to know how to use it and have the necessary skill.
Best regards
  by Kayl Brown   Oct 13, 2015
your scan tools have a that has an oscilloscope built In?
Reply #1 by Ada   Oct 13, 2015
Hello Kayl,
You can choose one of the maxisys series, plus, then can do oscilloscope function.
Best regards
  by LUIS ACOSTA   Oct 8, 2015
Do any of these work with Apple IMac (IPad), I do not have Windows PC
Reply #1 by Ada   Oct 8, 2015
Hello Luis,
For autel masisys pro, this one does not need PC, you can use it as the PAD. to use it diagnose your car, this one also has many other functions.
Best regards
  by alberto Martin   Sep 3, 2015
when i use j2534 programming, on the screen it shows ethernet serial cable to connect the usb cable, programming adapter and car, which is the ethernet serial cable?
Reply #1 by Ada   Sep 3, 2015
Hello Alberto,
I am asking this information from autel company, I will send email to reply you later.
Best regards
  by michel gaumet   Jul 2, 2015
Hi Ada
Received and working fine.
Many thanks
Warm regards
Reply #1 by Ada   Jul 2, 2015
Hello Michel,
Happy to hear you get it and can use it normally. This one is genuine autel product has very good quality.
Best regards
  by alex   May 26, 2015
Is (international) shipping already included in the price? If not how much are the costs for shipping to germany?
Reply #1 by Ada   May 26, 2015
Hello Alex,
Now this one is on DHL free shipping promotion. Shipping cost is included in the price. This price includes price for MS908P, TS601 and shipping.
Best regards
  by Michael Weirauch   May 13, 2015
hello dear ada, I got parcel today, it's ok.
though YANWEN express is not so fast as DHL. takes almost 10 days to arrive me, No customer worries!!! I do not pay for any tax. just as you promised before shipment
Thank you very much.
Reply #1 by Ada   May 13, 2015
Hello Michael,
Happy to hear you get the parcel. Yes. DHL needs 3-5 days on the way. YANWEN needs 7-14 days on the way, but we will pay tax before delivery. Please test it, any needs, please contact us.
Best regards
  by Lothar Steinbeck   May 12, 2015
hello seller,
i have interest for this autel diagnose ms908p, for your free shipping promotion, does it cover remote fee? i need you send this to 25999 Andorra, should i pay extra remote fee?
Reply #1 by Ada   May 12, 2015
Hello Lothar,
This cover product price and all shipping cost for DHL. including remote fee.
Best regards
  by Denis Steinwand   May 12, 2015
A very good morning to everyone!
I wonder if you that would fit diagnose for a 2012 MB GL 350 BlueTech.
With best wishes,
Reply #1 by Ada   May 12, 2015
Hello Denis,
Yes. This one can diagnose your Car. Beside this one, this one also can diagnose a lot of other vehicles.
Best regards
  by fernando zapiain   May 10, 2015
Bom dia

Gostaria de adquirir o MS908P
Reply #1 by Ada   May 10, 2015
Hello Fernando,
Obrigado pelo seu interesse. Você pode colocar diretamente a ordem em nosso site e fazer o pagamento por paypal.
Best regards
  by Mr.stan sloczynski   Apr 9, 2015
Hi ADA!! have to say that this product 've cought my eye. Was using Solus pro before until it 'd broken down. Now looking for new diagnostic devise. have one question . already know that it supports programming.I'm specialising in american cars , Can MaxiSys Pro MS908P program ABS , TYRE PRESSURE , IGNITION , GEAR BOX in any american car listed ? Thank You Ada and best regards, Stan.
Reply #1 by Ada   Apr 12, 2015
Hello Stan,
Sorry for the late reply, i am on holiday in the past 5 days. Here is the function list:
Best regards

  by Jake Gwilliam   Dec 17, 2014
HI, ada, i get the lishi lock pick you send to me by flat airmail, very fast. now i am going to bay WiFi AUTEL MaxiSYS Pro MS908P.
Becouse of custom problem here in germany with express service like DHL, UPS...,is it possible to send item by YANWEN?
How much it will cost?
Reply #1 by Ada   Dec 17, 2014
Hello Jake,
Happy to hear you get the goods now. For this one, it is free shipping. We can send it to you by YANWEN express for free.
Best regards
  by Tractamotors   Sep 5, 2014
i am Manuel from south africa, and my address is remote, my question is do i need to pay remote fees for shipping? or this dhl free shipping service includes remote fees?
Reply #1 by Ada   Sep 5, 2014
Hello Manuel,
Thank you for your interesting. This DHL free shipping service includes remote fees. For our website, this one price is 2904EUR now, we will only charge 2904EUR for this product, will not charge any other fees.
Best regards
  by kevin   Sep 5, 2014
awesome diangose and programming function!!!
fast delivery and good service
i like the gift al419 and free shipping service also
Reply #1 by Ada   Sep 5, 2014
Hello Kevin,
Thank you for your feedback and happy to hear you are satisfied with our scanner. Now this one is on promotion, so it is DHL free shipping and have gift AL419 scanner.
Best regards