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V108 VCM2  for Ford Diagnostic Tool Best Quality Shipping from UK

V108 VCM2 for Ford Diagnostic Tool Best Quality Shipping from UK

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  by Arif   Aug 20, 2018
Hi I want best quality.what is item no.
Reply #1 by Eason   Aug 21, 2018
You can choose SP177-C1

  by Mr.KIM   Jan 31, 2018
I have a Ford F150 5.4.
I want to know if this product can be use with my Ford F150?
Reply #1 by Eason   Feb 2, 2018
You can try, we cannot 100% sure.

  by Mr.H   Aug 26, 2017
Hi, is this now shipping with v101 and later serial numbers that are not blocked so that it can be updated to later versions? (Ican get v106 at the moment) thanks.
Reply #1 by Eason   Aug 27, 2017
Yes, you can update to latest version.
  by Mr.Laur   Apr 24, 2017
Hello. Where is situated your warehouse? In EU or ...? I ask this because for products outside EU, must pay custom taxes and VAT. Thank you!
Reply #1 by Eason   Apr 24, 2017
This product shipping from China. If you do not want to pay taxes,we can arrange shipping by YANWEN express. You do not need to pay taxes by YANWEN express.

  by Mr.andrew jepson   Apr 14, 2017
Hi last year i purchased the SP177-C i cant find the new latest software v100 & any links for the upto date ids software please help
Andy Jepson
Reply #1 by Eason   Apr 21, 2017
We not have V100 link, we have V101 link now.But old hardware can not compatible the V101 version of the software, so please tell us what version of last year to buy? the V96 before or after the version?
Looking forward to your reply as soon as possible

  by Mr.Ionut Rasina   Apr 7, 2017
I have bought this item SP-177C and it is a good quality tool. Order CKxxxx24179270. Very serious team for business, and very kind peoples. I recommend to use V86 version, it is very stable on Xp and Windows 7. Thanks for transaction dear obd2express team! Very quick shipping and good products details on the site!
For sure i will buy again from here!
Reply #1 by Jane   Apr 7, 2017
Thanks very much for your feedback, we are so glad that you are satisfied with our item. Kindly look forward to do more business in the future.
  by Aaron   Apr 5, 2017
I have bought this tool by your google advertised and I have done module programming on 10+ cars (both PWM and CANbus) and every time without any issues ,Good product, recommended
Reply #1 by Su jinyu   Apr 5, 2017
Have a good day
Yes,it is a higt quality diagnostic tool.Any questions,pls feel free to contact us.
Best Regards
  by Mr.Martin   Mar 6, 2017
Can It reprogram transmission control module Ford Fusion
Reply #1 by Eason   Mar 6, 2017
Yes,it can support.
  by Mr.MARTIN   Mar 5, 2017
will this programmed (durashift trnsmission control module) on ford fusion 2003 if so how quick can you get it to me
Reply #1 by Eason   Mar 5, 2017
We can arrange shipping to you by DHL ,that's fast express.
  by Mr.Michel   Feb 28, 2017
What version of Windows can be used for the V100 VCM2 for Ford Diagnostic Tool
Item No. SP177-C
Reply #1 by Eason   Mar 1, 2017
It can support windows xp and windows 7.
  by Mr.Perry   Nov 6, 2016
HI, do you have any units that will connect to 2014 Ford trucks with 6.7 liter diesel engines.
Reply #1 by Jane   Nov 6, 2016
Thanks very much for your message, but so sorry, we do not have machines to support ford trucks.
  by sale fino   Oct 20, 2016
hi i want yo buy this tool, can i update it to v98? the update is free or you can sell it to me? thanks sorry for bad english
Reply #1 by Eason   Oct 31, 2016
Have a good day!
Yes,it newest version V100, you can update for free,It is expected the arrival of the goods on Friday, So that you can to buy.
Any further questions,feel free to contact us.
  by Samuel   Sep 9, 2016
Good product, recommended
Reply #1 by Eason   Sep 9, 2016

Have a good day!
Thanks for your support and feedback on our website.

Best Regards

  by Mr.Doevon   Aug 18, 2016
Does this work for ford trucks?
Reply #1 by jolly   Aug 18, 2016
Hi Mr.Doevon,
I am sorry,this item do not work for ford trucks
  by Mr.Andrew Jepson   Jan 19, 2016
Received my SP177-C today thanks but when i start the ids V97 software up it says i do not have an active ids software licence please help
Reply #1 by Ada   Jan 19, 2016
Hello Andrew,
Happy to hear you get the tool. For your problem, please set your PC time before 2015.9. Then follow our video to install the software.
Best regards
  by Mr.Martin   Nov 17, 2015
Hello, can I download updates to the original Ford.
Thank you Martin
Reply #1 by Ada   Nov 17, 2015
Hello Martin, 
Never use our hardware with original software. Firmware will be locked if you doing this. Please use our hardware with our software. Thank you.
Best regards
  by Mr.arkez meraj   Aug 28, 2015
hello does this tool make the coding of a new pump of ford tddi fuel pump.and imobilizier or new keys
Reply #1 by Ada   Aug 28, 2015
Hello Arkez,
Thank you for your interesting. This VCM II has the function you asked. But for these function, it is not for every car. You need to know how to use it to do these function.
Best regards
  by barry   Aug 27, 2015
I installed v96 software and work good thanks
Reply #1 by Ada   Aug 27, 2015
Hello Barry,
Happy to hear you can use this V96 software. Any needs, please contact us.
Best regards
  by David Negrete   Jul 21, 2015
they release new 96.02 software on official website, when will you release this software?
Reply #1 by Ada   Jul 21, 2015
Hello David,
Sorry to tell you our latest software is V94 version up to now. We will release V96 software in the future, but do not know the exact time.
Best regards
  by Bekir Uca   Mar 27, 2015
please tell me if this vcm can work E-350 Ekonorain year 1996
Reply #1 by Ada   Mar 27, 2015
Hello Bekir,
We can make sure 100%, if your car belongs to standard obd2 diagnostic port. you can try it.
Best regards