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ICOM A3 B C Diagnostic Tool for BMW FW V138 with 2018.09 Software HDD

ICOM A3 B C Diagnostic Tool for BMW FW V138 with 2018.09 Software HDD

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  by Jazmin   Aug 4, 2016
Can it support programming function?
Reply #1 by Eason   Aug 4, 2016

Thanks for your inquiry.
It can support programming function.

Best Regards

  by sterian   Aug 7, 2015
my question is can i update this a3 icom as the instruction you shown on technical support of perfect a2 icom? it means update the firmware to latest 1.38.01?
Reply #1 by Ada   Aug 7, 2015
Hello Sterian,
Yes. You can update the firmware as that instruction. Please download the right file as the instruction.
Best regards
  by brett clark   Jun 11, 2015
hello, my name is brett clark, I received the hard drive password icom and asks me, please, what is?
Reply #1 by Ada   Jun 11, 2015
Hello Brett,
First password is BMW. Second password just ignore it.
Best regards
  by blanca rendon   May 25, 2015
I got my OBD II diagnoistic scanner, seems to work fine. Good job so far
Reply #1 by Ada   May 25, 2015
Hello Blanca,
Happy to hear you can use it, any needs, please contact us.
Best regards
  by Etienne   May 24, 2015
I need the price with shipping DHL for icom a3 with software 2015.2, delivery to Netherland
thank you
Reply #1 by Ada   May 24, 2015
Hello Etienne,
Items Total: €329  Shipping Cost: €31.02  Total Sum: €360.02
Best regards
  by Ben Parisi   May 20, 2015
hello, i have the 20pin diagnose cable for other scanner, can i use it together with a3 icom scanner? do you ever test other 20 pin bmw cable, i need to work 20 pin old bmw. if you have this cable, tell me i will buy together
Reply #1 by Ada   May 20, 2015
Hello Ben,
Sorry to tell you we do not test your cable so not sure if your cable can work together with this icom a3. We will test our BMW 20 PIN cable then tell you the result.
Best regards
  by Jacob Redpath   May 20, 2015
hey, i need greek language, do you have a3 icom with greek hdd?
Reply #1 by Ada   May 20, 2015
Hello Jacob,
You can choose SP234-B with SS151-2S, here is the link:
Best regards